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Types of aluminum siding

There are four main types of aluminum siding. Each one has slightly different characteristics and widths. The types of aluminum siding include; double 4″ horizontal, double 5″ horizontal, single 8″ horizontal and 12″ vertical. The double 4″ horizontal aluminum siding provides a narrow width and wood grain finish. The double 5″ horizontal is slightly larger than the 4″ counterpart and works best with larger homes. Single 8″ horizontal aluminum siding is in offered in smooth and wood grain finishes and is perfect for contemporary and traditional homes exquisitely. 12″ vertical siding offers a rustic appeal when used to cover the entire home. It is offered in smooth and wood grain finishes. Contact Aluminum Siding Guys to have our expert aluminum siding installer come to your home and fully explain the benefits each and every one of these siding options. You can also get a free estimate by calling 800-481-5919. When you call for free estimate your siding contractor will present you with samples of all of your choices, giving you the knowledge to make the best decision for your home.


Price of aluminum siding

Installing aluminum siding can save you so much money and make your home beautiful. When it comes to comparing all of your siding options, the average cost of aluminum siding is priced very moderately. It is not the cheapest, but far from the priciest. Aluminum Siding Guys offers the most competitive prices while maintaining our commitment to quality. Quality craftsmanship with competitive prices makes us one of the top aluminum siding suppliers and installers.


Aluminum Siding Colors

There are many aluminum siding colors on the market to choose from and best part is that this is one material that homeowner is free to apply any oil-based paint of his choice. From red, gray, yellow to the any color normal imaginable is available with aluminum siding. This is an added advantage to those that take harmony and balance seriously. Not only do the aluminum siding colors blend in their immediate environment they will also offer a sense of originality as they come is different styles as well. Aluminum Siding Guys offers a wide range of aluminum siding colors for our customers and clients to choose from. If you are not able to make the decision of the best aluminum siding color for your homer, Aluminum Siding Guys experts will help you choose a color that will blend with your environment and make your home look amazing.

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Aluminum siding style

aluminum sidings can be bought in wood grain or smooth textures and can be painted to just about any color that the homeowner wants to use to express his own individuality on his house. The wood shaking style is one of the textures that one can buy aluminum siding. It can be found in a wide range of vertical and horizontal sidings. Its overall flexibility and charm that it gives to a house are the main reason people choose aluminum for their siding needs. Unlike wood that requires a great level of maintenance and special care, aluminum siding is known for its durability and ease to maintain. Call Aluminum Siding Guys customer service on 800-481-5919 to learn more about their aluminum siding styles.

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